Building Services

50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630
916-461-6201 (voicemails will be returned within 2 business days.)

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Main Contacts
Scott Zangrando Chief Building Official 916-461-6225
Van Leung Plan Check Engineer 916-461-6220
Allison Konwinski Plan Check Engineer  916-461-6236
Tami Dominguez Building Technician II 916-461-6218
Layla Hubbard Building Technician II 916-461-6219
Tasha Karver Building Technician II 916-461-6201
Mike Toledo Senior Building Inspector 916-461-6222
Lorenzo Aguilar Building Inspector II 916-220-3037
Enrique Jimenez Building Inspector II 916-220-3037
Inspection Line   Online Inspection Request
Building Counter 916-461-6201


Building Services reviews building permit plans for code compliance, issues permits for commercial and residential construction, conducts building inspections, and assists owners, designers and contractors with building code questions and issues. 

The Folsom Building Department website has been updated to include revised processes due to the pandemic. Please see below for additional information.

Submitting a Building Permit Application

The City of Folsom Building Department uses ProjectDox for review and approval of building permit applications requiring review.  Any plan set larger than 11x17 is required to be submitted electronically.  Note, minor permits do not utilize the electronic review process.  See below for what qualifies as a Minor Building Permit. To start the process, please email the Building Permit Application to  Visit the ePermit Center for additional information.

Minor Building Permit Applications

Minor Building Permits involve minimal plan review by City staff and can be issued within days of application.  Minor Building Permit applications do not need to go through the electronic plan review process.  Instead, applicants can email their application and associated documents directly to or drop them off at the Building Permit Counter.  City staff will process the application and contact the applicant with any additional items needed and permit issuance fees due.  The applicant must pay the fees at the Building Permit Counter to pick up the permit.  Currently, the City of Folsom only accepts check or cash payments.  Per the City’s policy, we do not mail or email permit documents for minor permits.  You must pick up the permit in person.  Below is a list of common minor building permits and additional documents required with the application and copy of contract.  Note all documents must be on 11x17 or smaller paper for acceptance.

  • HVAC Changeouts – CF1R form
  • Re-Roofs – CF1R Form, Weight of existing and new roofing material
  • Water Heater Replacements – CF1R form
  • Pool Replaster – No additional documents required
  • Window Replacements – Floorplan showing location of windows being replaced, CF1R form
  • Minor Electrical and/or Plumbing Work – Floorplan/Site Plan showing location and description of work proposed
  • Siding Replacement – Plan showing location of new siding and specifications of new siding
  • Non-Structural Kitchen and Bath Remodels – Existing and proposed floorplan indicating the scope of work
  • Repipe – No additional documents required
NOTE:  All minor building permits require a copy of the contract stating the project valuation. 
2019 California Codes Became Effective January 1, 2020

The Folsom Municipal Code was passed January 14, 2020 and is located here. All applications submitted after December 31, 2019 shall conform to the 2019 California Codes. All applications submitted after February 13, 2020 shall conform to the current Folsom Municipal Code.

Inspection requests:
  • To schedule an inspection online, please fill out an Online Inspection RequestInspections requested before 2 p.m. will be scheduled to occur on the following business day. We only accept next day inspection requests, we cannot accept inspection requests for future dates.
  •  To cancel an inspection, please visit the inspection page and contact the inspector directly, noted on 'Today's List of Inspections' found on the bottom of the page.
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