Building Permit Status

Checking a Permit/Application Status

The City of Folsom gives applicants the ability to check permit statuses online.  To check the status of a building permit or application please click HERE.  On the upper left, click on “Select Permit” Search for the permit by Application Number, Address, or APN then click on Continue.

  • To Check a Permit or Application Status

    On the left, click on “Plan Tracking Status”.  Each Agency for review will denote the date submitted, estimated completion, and Action Summary (AP = approved, RR = Returned for Revisions, RS = Resubmitted and In Review)

  • To Check an Inspection Status

On the left, click on “Application Inspections”.  Each inspection will be listed with a status (AP = Approved, AE = Approved with Exceptions, CA = Cancelled, DA = Disapproved, DP = Disapproved with Penalty, PA = Partially Approved, WA = Waived)

Electronic plan review status may also be checked online via ProjectDox.  Log in to ProjectDox , click on “Home” in the upper right corner, click on “Projects” in the upper left corner, and click on “All Projects” on the upper right.  Under status, it will denote:

  • Upload: The project is awaiting upload of all documents and submittal by the Applicant
  • Prescreen:The project is with City Staff performing and quality check of the documents
  • Prescreen Corrections:The project did not pass the quality check and the Applicant needs to revise the submittal
  • In Review:The project is currently in review with City staff
  • Resubmit: Corrections are required and the project needs to be resubmitted
  • Payment Verification:The project has been approved and is awaiting final payment
  • Reviewed: The permit has been issued and the review is complete

To learn more about the electronic plan review process, please visit the ePermit Center and read the Applicant User Guide