Emergency Alerts

The Folsom Police Department offers two different ways to receive emergency information. Please take a moment to sign up for each of these programs:


Folsom Police Department Nixle

Stay informed with text messages and emails from Folsom Police Department. These messages include community messages, messages regarding road closures or detours, missing people, or important other important information. Sign up for Folsom Police Department Nixle.


Sacramento Alert

Sacramento Alert: Sacramento Region Emergency Notification System is also operated through Nixle but requires a separate sign up. Similar to the old Reverse-911 system, Sacramento Alert will provide voice messages regarding emergencies, such as at-risk missing persons, evacuation routes and other public safety emergency information.

While Sacramento Alert provides service to the Sacramento region, it allows messages to be geographically based, so only the messages that pertain to the locations you set will be sent to you. You can set up multiple addresses and phone numbers to help ensure that you are notified of emergencies near home, work, school or any other location you choose.

All listed and unlisted landline phone numbers within the Sacramento Region are already registered with Sacramento Region Emergency Notification System. Cell phone numbers, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone numbers and TDD/TTY phone numbers must be voluntarily registered with Sacramento Alert. Register your phone number for Sacramento Alert.

Find out more about Sacramento Alert.